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Friday, 31 October 2014

HPL vs Poe - Film Review - In The Mouth of Madness

In The Mouth of Madness
For H. P. Lovecraft versus Edgar Allen Poe Day our Editor takes a look at his favourite Lovecraft inspired film, In The Mouth Of Madness...

HPL vs Poe - Audiobook Review - Beyond the Mountains of Madness

ATMoM Cover ImageReece Morris-Jones reviews an audio adaptation of one of Lovecraft's definitive tales...

HLP vs Poe - Audiobook Opinion - The Shadow Over Innsmouth

David Evans reviews an audiobook adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's gothic tale...

HPL vs Poe - Tabletop Games Review - Trail of Cthulhu

His sanity already on the brink, Simon Brake, once again braves secrets Man was simply not meant to know as he embarks on Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu...

HPL vs Poe - Poetry 101 - Edgar Allan Poe-try 101

Poe-try 101
For Poe v Lovecraft Day, Susan Omand looks at Edgar Allan Poe’s lesser known Poe-tic works (and promises the Poe-try puns will stop sometime)...

HPL vs Poe - Book Feature - Seven spooky short stories

Necronomicon cover image
Master of the Gothic and owner of small animals, Liam Salt lists his favourite Lovecraft tales...

HPL vs Poe - Books Feature - Edgar Allan Poe: Sherlock’s godfather

CSI Poe Cover Image
Edgar Allen Poe was so much more than just a Horror writer - he created Sherlock Holmes! Or so writes David Evans...

HPL vs Poe - Video Game Feature - The Forest: H. P. Lovecraft's dream PC game

The Forest
Bartholomew Harvey walks you through The Forest's alpha release, and explains why this game would have been right up H. P. Lovecraft's street...

HPL vs Poe - TV Feature - Quoth the Raven... "Eat My Shorts"

Simpson 'Quoth the Raven' Cover Image
John Collins covers the greatest adaptation of Poe's work yet...

HPL vs Poe - Tabletop Gaming Feature - Why does Lovecraft have all of the fun?

Poe vs HPL
Tabletop Gaming Editor, Chris Smith, in an article dreary, ponders weak and weary why he's never been able to play an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired role-playing game...

HPL vs Poe - Book Review - Dagon

Sota Nightmare Dagon - cover image
David Dhalia's second look at Lovecraft's shorts focuses on the viscous Dagon...

HPL vs Poe - Video Game Feature - The influence of Lovecraft and Poe on video games

Video Game Editor Chris Orr looks at the cultural legacy of both H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe on horror video games...